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NCBiR Project

Summer School 2019

NCBiR Project


NCBiR project

Summer schools, study visits, development of an interdisciplinary programme of doctoral studies and provision of stipends for doctoral students are the main elements of the “Humanities and Social Sciences for Society and Enterprise” programme (NCBiR project) being implemented by the Graduate School for Social Research (GSSR) at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IFiS PAN) .

Recruitment to the 4 year interdisciplinary full-time doctoral programme was completed in September 2018.

In order to make the deadline dates as convenient to the applicants as possible there were two deadlines established for applying to the PhD NCBiR Programme in the Graduate School for Social Research. Candidates were enabled to submit their applications either by May 2020 or by September 2020.

The Commission decided to accept 14 candidates to the Programme (4 in May recruitment, 10 in September recruitment). Both the candidates and the recruitment Commission members were selected according to the gender balance priority

The GSSR team attaches particular weight to enabling students with disabilities to undertake doctoral studies within the framework of the project.

The main aim of the project is to achieve the highest standards of quality of education in the doctoral programme of IFiS PAN’s Graduate School for Social Research (GSSR). The project runs from 01.-06.2018 to 31.05.2023.

Thanks to the project a new study programme is being developed in which students have the opportunity to shape their own individual path of study, working with professors and research teams of IFiS PAN, and benefit from the Institute’s well-developed international network of contacts. The programme, besides giving a solid philosophical or sociological grounding is open to an interdisciplinary view of research problems. The project provides support for study trips abroad and for participation in three summer schools with programmes devised in cooperation with foreign scholars. Doctoral students joining the project are provided with stipends helping them to concentrate on their own development. They are also able to take advantage of other opportunities offered by IFiS PAN, such as participation in competitions for grants to carry out their own doctoral research.

The project “Humanities and Social Sciences for Society and Enterprise” is supported from European Funds within the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development (PO WER) priority axis III: Higher Education for the economy and development, Action 3.2 Doctoral studies in the amount of 1 872 544,80 zł. The Intermediate Body is the National Centre for Research and Development.


Interpreting and constructing-working with a philosophical text

Word flesh and subjectivity: selected notions of the human in 20th century  philosophy

Philosophy in the process of making concepts: Biopolitics

Approaches to qualitative methods in research practice

Empirical research in the social sciences: design implementation and write up

Quantitative Methods of Data Analysis: statistical theory and good practices

Sociological theories: the tradition and current notions pt 1

Sociological theories: the tradition and current notions pt II

Major Trends in Contemporary Humanities


Harmonogram of support in the project


Project History

Summer School 2019

GSSR 2019 Summer School Programme



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