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Phenomenology Research Summer School 2021

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Phenomenology Research Summer School 2021


3rd International  Summer School in Genetic Phenomenology

Experience and Life

Edmund Husserl’s Experience and Judgment in the Light of Psychoanalysis

August, 2nd-7th 2021 – GSSR/IFiS PAN Warsaw

Planned for August 2020,the third edition of  our series of Research Summer Schools, dedicated to Edmund Husserl’s Experience and Judgment,  had to be rescheduled due to the global Covid-19 crisis.

Our  Research Summer School will take place on August, 2nd-7th 2021 at the GSSR/IfiS PAN in Warsaw and will investigate the origins of logic and knowledge in Husserl’s last work. A special focus of the Research Summer School is provided by the cooperation with psychoanalytical scholars and experts who will shed light on the correlation between genetic phenomenology and psychoanalysis

The Research Summer School includes

  • Lectures held by international experts
  • Research Classes
  • Text Laboratories
  • Circle Time

Languages: English and German

Total Class Time: 30h

Scientific Direction: Prof. Jagna Brudzińska; Organizing Committee: Prof. Karel Novotny and Prof. Alice Pugliese


The Research Summer School is organized in cooperation with: Husserl-Archiv, Cologne | Les Archives Husserl, Paris | Husserl-Archives, KULeuven | Charles-University, Prague | University of Palermo | Chinese University Hong Kong | Duquesne University Pittsburgh, USA | Sigmund Freud Institute – Stuttgart | University of Buenos Aires | Polish Phenomenological Association | International Network – Genetic Phenomenology and the Human Sciences


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