Courses to be taught in English as part of the School’s doctoral programme

Courses taken outside your chosen discipline may be taken as optional courses (eg if you are doing research for your PhD in Philosophy you may take as an optional course one of the courses listed as compulsory for someone doing research for a PhD in Psychology)

Compulsory courses: Philosophy


Compulsory courses: Political studies

(and in common with sociology)


Compulsory Courses : Psychology

  • Methodology and ethical issues of psychological studies(Metodologia i etyka badań psychologicznych)
  • Prof. Piotr Radkiewicz Advanced statistical analysis (Zaawansowane analizy statystyczne)  20/21 syllabus to be announced
  • Psychology in modules: Cognitive psychology, Peronality Psychology and Individual Differences, and Neurophysiological basis of behaviours (Psychologia ogólna w modułach: psychologia poznawcza, psychologia osobowości różnic indywidualnych oraz neurofizjologiczne podstawy zachowania) (in 2nd  semester 20/21)
  • dr Grzegorz Pochwatko Current research in social psychology (Psychologia społeczna)

Compulsory courses: sociology



Optional courses

Courses taken outside GSSR

Courses may also be taken at other Higher Education institutions in Poland or abroad (Erasmus+, Fulbright etc).


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