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According to the Statute, the Board of the Doctoral School and the director of GSSR cooperate to find the optimal solutions for the School to achieve its mission. Key in the organizational processes of the School is the involvement of GSSR Student Government.

The decision-making bodies competent for doctoral training include the Scientific Councils of IFiS, IP and IPS, respectively. The directors of the School’s three constituent institutes are responsible for approving the School’s budget and specific administrative procedures.

The Board of the Doctoral School (GSSR Scientific Council)

The Board of the Doctoral School is a body with advisory role to the Director of the School. The Board cooperates in developing the study programme and managing the School in aspects related to research and teaching, and also draws up a draft budget for the School.

The Board is composed of eight members:

  • Two representatives from each of the Doctoral School’s co-founding Institutes, appointed by the Director of each respective Institute,
  • The Director and Deputy Director of the School in the Coordinating Unit.

The responsibilities of the Board of the Doctoral School are stated in the Statute.

The Director of the School

The Director of GSSR is selected through competition for a 4-year term, following rules jointly agreed on by IFiS, IP and IPS, in accordance with Poland’s legal regulations and the EU Charter for Researchers. The responsibilities of the Director are outlined in the Statute.

The director of the Doctoral School responds directly to the director of IFiS PAN, as the School’s Coordinating Unit.

Student Government (Samorząd)

Students are elected to represent the student body vis-à-vis the School authorities. A single representative has the right to take part in the meetings of the Scientific Council of each Institute.

Elections are held annually in the first two months of each academic year to choose representatives. Until elections are held, representatives from the previous year remain in office.

The Scientific Councils and the Directors of the School’s Constituent Institutes

The Scientific Councils of IFiS, IP and IPS must jointly approve PhD candidate’s admission process. Additional responsibilities are stated in the Statute.

The Directors of the Doctoral School’s co-founding Institutes are responsible for jointly agreeing on the budget of the Doctoral School for the subsequent academic year. Further responsibilities are stated in the Statute and in the Admission Rules to GSSR’s Doctoral School (Regulatory documents).

Prof. Irina Tomescu-Dubrow
IFiS PAN, Director of GSSR
Professor of sociology of IFiS PAN and director of the Graduate School…
Dr. Ewa Domaradzka
An assistant professor at the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy…
Dr. John Fells
IFiS PAN, Academic Director of GSSR
Prof. Adam Lipszyc
The Head of the Center for Psychoanalytic Thought at the Institute of Philosophy…
Prof. Marta Marchlewska
Head of the Political Cognition Lab, associate professor and lecturer at…
Prof. Piotr Osęka
Historian specialising in the history of communist Poland, propaganda,…
Dr. Ilona Wysmułek
Assistant Professor at IFIS PAN and a sociologist specializing in research…
Prof. Ryszard Żelichowski
Head of Educational Department. Employed at the Institute of Political…
Prof. Irina Tomescu-Dubrow
Director of GSSR
Dr. John Fells
Academic Director
Aleksandra Filipowicz
Ph.D. Studies Coordinator
Iwona Trochimczyk-Sawczuk
NCBiR Grant Coordinator
Lidia Wójcicka
Dr. Kinga Zawadzka
Institutional Grant Preparation Adviser
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