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Mission statement

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Mission statement

Devoted to intellectual rigour and Open Society

The mission of the Graduate School for Social Research (GSSR) is to promote post-graduate education in accordance with the highest European standards. Our MA and PhD programmes have been developed over the years based on the knowledge and experience of leading scholars from the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Lancaster University, and other respected academics from institutions around the world. Our programmes appeal to students with creative and independent minds who are ready not only for an intensive accumulation of knowledge, but also for a critical way of viewing existing interpretations and conceptions.

The School’s position within the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, a leading institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, allows integration of teaching and research in its MA and PhD programmes and of academically oriented and applied research in its post doctoral programmes, all enriched by the presence of an international community of scholars. Our aim is to bring these elements together to add something new to the Polish academic scene.

A doctoral school established together with the Institutes of Psychology and of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences offers scope for interdisciplinary approaches to research backed by rigorous methodological training.

The knowledge and concrete know-how that our graduates acquire prepare them for rewarding careers in a multicultural environment in contemporary society. We aim at educating students predominantly from the region, but also from elsewhere in Europe, from Asia and from sub-Saharan Africa, not only for future academic careers but for careers in public life and business. Our courses help students to understand, explain, and predict social phenomena and their economic, social, political and cultural conditions. Moreover, our graduates are able to use these social mechanisms and phenomena to successfully achieve their professional and academic goals, and this is the key to working effectively as today’s managers, politicians, cultural directors, and scholars.

We offer high academic standards, programmes following the British system of education, close links to the leading Polish social research institutions, and the individual attention of our faculty members. We expect our students to be intellectually open-minded and full of new ideas. When they leave we expect our graduates to have research and analytical skills in the social sciences/humanities equipping them for careers in academic, professional and public life.


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