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The following is a list of current and recent grants awarded to the Graduate School for Social Research (GSSR).

Poland Grants

National Agency for Academic Exchange, NAWA (NAWA.gov.pl) STER grant, SIGro Project (BPI/STE/2021/1/00030/U/00001; January 2022-December 2024)

SIGro expands and enhances the international footprint of GSSR in the field of high-quality doctoral education in Europe and beyond along the EUA’s Principles for International Doctoral Education. It designs and implements the interrelated activities in the School’s curriculum, including in Learning through Research (LtR), Classroom training and ongoing PhD progress assessment.

Within SIGro, in February 2022 GSSR has opened the International Coordination office (ICO@GSSR). Its tasks are to support the international activities of the Doctoral School. The ICO @ GSSR: (1) assists in international collaborations, exchange and mobility; (2) monitors and assesses the creation and maintenance of curricula and activities of international collaborations; (3) seeks international partners for formal collaborative agreements.

NAWA Welcome to Poland grant (PPI/WTP/2020/1/00155/U/00001; June 2021-May 2023)

This project focuses on maintenance and further development of the Doctoral School’s infrastructure, including website and IT system, strengthening the School’s alumni network. A key product of this grant is the current version of the GSSR website. 

An important dimension of this project is the Welcome Center at GSSR that has become operational in September 2021. This Center supports the needs of GSSR students and faculty from abroad as they navigate Poland’s immigration bureaucracy (e.g. obtaining residence cards), obtain health insurance for extended stays in Poland, and find housing in Warsaw, among other welcoming activities.

The NAWA PROM grant (PPI/PRO/2019/1/00043/U/00001; October 2019-March 2023)

The main goal of this project is to strengthen international participation of doctoral students and faculty in GSSR’s Doctoral School. The project funds, on meritocratic and competitive basis, international travel of GSSR students and faculty to attend international events (e.g. summer/winter schools, conferences).

The NAWA PROM grant also supports the participation of faculty and doctoral students from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) abroad in GSSR-organized events. The most recent such even was the 2021 GSSR Summer School in Academic Professionalization.

National Center for Research and Development, NCBiR grant (POWR.03.02.00-IP.08-I019/17; June 2018 – December 2023)

The main objective of this project is to increase the quality and effectiveness of doctoral training at GSSR. The project supports the development of LtR and Classroom training activities, and places strong emphasis on providing GSSR doctoral students meaningful international exposure.

Summer schools, study visits, development of an interdisciplinary programme of doctoral studies and provision of stipends for doctoral students are the main elements of the “Humanities and Social Sciences for Society and Enterprise” programme (NCBiR project).

International Grants

Open Societies Foundation (May 2022 to June 2023)

To fund GSSR’s Academic Program for Ukraine

European Commission, Erasmus+ (various)