Young Researchers (PhD)


Young Researchers (PhD)


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Doctoral School:Philosophy, first year 


Name  Supervisor Thesis Publications
Ove Averin Valentina Lepri  Ramist influences in Students Disputations of 17th century Academia Gustaviana
Agata Bielińska  Agata Bielik-Robson W poszukiwaniu (post)psychoanalitycznej filozofii miłości. Problem miłości do innego w psychoanalizie
Gniewomir Hawrasz Valentina Lepri The neoplatonic influences in the notebooks of Polish students of Italian universities and academies, until the end of 16th century
Mateusz Hebda Andrzej Leder,co-Mikołaj Ratajczak The phanthom of “post-truth”. Analysis of the fake news phenomenon based on philosophical theories of hegemony and populism by Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe
Szymon Miłkoś Marcin Miłkowski Methodology of scientific discovery with causal discovery methods in context of computational neuroscience, deep learning algorithms and availability of big data
Adam Ostrowski Agata Bielik-Robson U. von Balthasar’s Theo-Drama. A framework for the centrality of Man in post-modern theology
Daniel Piecka Marcin Miłkowski Semantics Out of The Grey Box: How Can Representational Mechanisms of the Brain Provide Semantic Properties of Structural Representation? 
Ewa Potępa Agata Bielik-Robson, Adam Lipszyc The Special Normalisation of depression examined through the lens of depressive realism
Marcin Rabiza Marcin Miłkowski Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Agency. On the Dialectical Relation Between Explainability and Attributed Agency


Doctoral School: Philosophy, second year 


Name Supervisor Thesis  Publications
Filip Brzeźniak Prof. Andrzej Leder Political Melancholy in the Radical Thought of the 20th Century


Thomas Dojan Prof. Jagna Brudzińska Intentional Embodiment and Genealogy of Gendered Personhood between  Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis


Thomas Dojan publications
Andrzej Frelek Prof. Szymon Wróbel Teoria krytyczna wobec antropogenicznej zmiany klimatu


Iwona Jamrozik Prof. Agata Bielik-Robson Voice and the Self in Philosophy and Literature


Wiktor Lachowski Prof. Marcin Miłkowski Rola wartości w poszczególnych dziedzinach nauki


Natalia Zakrzewska Prof. Szymon Wróbel

Prof. Marcin Miłkowski

Critical evaluation of the struggle for the recognition and robots.




Doctoral School: Philosophy, third year 


Name Supervisor Thesis  Publications
Stanisław Chankowski Prof. Andrzej Leder Hegel’s Theory of Universal Class  “Koncepcja klasy uniwersalnej w filozofii Hegla”


Wojciech Mamak Prof. Marcin Miłkowski Mental Cartography and Scientific Butchery: Identifying the Building Blocks of Cognition Through Information Flow


Jakub Wolak Prof. Danilo Facca Idea Apocalyptica seu Apocalypsis Stanislai Orichovii. Edition, translation and interpretation of a Pseudo-Orichovian eschatologico-political apocrypha Jakub Wolak publications


Philosophy, fourth year 


Name Supervisor Thesis  Publications
Barbara Barysz Prof. Andrzej Leder Different models of subjectivity rooted in tradition by the example of philosophical conservative journalism in contemporary Poland


Jędrzej Brzeziński Prof. Szymon Wróbel Ta sama i inna. Wprowadzenie do współczesnej francuskiej fenomenologii erotycznej.
Helen Grela Prof. Andrzej Leder Is Nozick’s Theory of Property Grounded in an Antinomy That Ultimately Undermines its Purpose?


Philip Hoejme Prof. Adam Lipszyc

Prof. Szymon Wróbel

A (Negative) Dialectical reading of Adorno and Butler – Bridging Postmodernism and Critical Theory


Philip Hoejme publications
Gabriel Klimont Prof. Szymon Wróbel

Prof. Joanna Kurczewska

The Origins of Biopolitics in Poland. Transformations of power over vagabonds – social practices of subordinate classes in the second half of the 18th century


Murat Kok Prof. Szymon Wróbel On the Virtues of Cosmic Pessimism


Mumtaz Murat Kok Publications
Justyna Minkiewicz Prof. Maria Gołębiewska Artificial Intelligence in art. Understanding the scope and current limitations of its creative possibilities


Michał Stemerowicz Prof. Andrzej Leder Świat jako zasób (The world as resource/Die Welt als Bestand)
Thung-Chu Wang Prof. Adam Lipszyc “Populism” as an Epistemological Matter of Social Inquiry


Damian Wyżkiewicz Prof. Agata Bielik-Robson Metodologia filozofii niepełnosprawności



Philosophy,  preparing defence


Name Supervisor Thesis  Publications
Alicja Bachulska Prof. Andrzej Leder  

History-related cultural trauma and its representation in public and private museums in the post-Mao People’s Republic of China



Doctoral School: Political studies,  First year 


Name  Supervisor Thesis Publications
Siarhei Salai Tomasz Stryjek Use and Misuse of Historical Memory in Contemporary Belarus


Doctoral School: Political studies, second year 


Name Supervisor Thesis  Publications
Sara Nowacka Prof. Paulina Codogni Value Conflict – the Role of Local Communities in Managing the Resources of International Rivers



Doctoral School:Psychology, First year 


Name  Supervisor Thesis Publications
Sena Bilgin Mateusz Gola/pomocniczy Tadeusz Kononowicz Neuronal dynamics underlying temporal error monitoring in humans and rodents
Zusanna Kamińska Małgorzata Fajkowska Attentional processing of dynamic emotional stymuli and types of depresion
Sirinnaz Ozturk Robert Balas/Michał Wierzchoń A Resting State Event Related Potential study: The impact of rumination on the attentional network in visual awareness
Hubert Plisiecki Artur Pokropek Predicting the Mood of the Social Body
Maja Rzeczkowska Jakub Kryś Different facets of modernization and the folk theory of social change
Marta Urbaniak  Robert Balas/pomocniczy Łukasz Bola Function of early visual cortex in congenitally blind individuals
Arkadiusz Wąsiel Jakub Kryś Cross-cultural differences in perception of power and desired societal change
Chun Yeung Jakub Kryś Emotion and well-being- Toward a balanced, culturally sensitive perspective


Doctoral School: Psychology, second year 


Name Supervisor Thesis  Publications
Adrianna Aleksandrowicz Prof. Łukasz Gawęda Perceptual anomalies from the perspective of experimental psychopathology: the impact of cognitive expectancies on false auditory and its relevance to the continuum of auditory perceptual anomalies in clinical and non-clinical groups
Paulina Bagrowska Prof. Łukasz Gawęda An impact of social rejection, interpersonal fear and cannabis consumption on paranoia. Virtual reality study
Marta Chrustowicz Prof. Łukasz Okruszek Perceived social isolation and social rejection sensitivity –investigation with electroencephalography and experience sampling methods
Katarzyna Goncikowska Prof. Wojciech Pisula

Dr Klaudia Modlińska

Social perception of people eating insects and its consequences for promoting this meat substitute
Zuzanna Laudańska Prof. Przemysław Tomalski

Dr David Lopez Perez

Effectors selection in early social interactions: motor-vocal decoupling in infancy
Szymon Mąka Prof. Łukasz Okruszek Casual role of dorsal medial prefrontal cortex on perceived social isolation – study using EEG and transcranial direct current stimulation
Zuzanna Molenda Prof. Aleksandra Cisłak

Dr Marta Marchlewska

Emotion and Stress Regulation Strategies and Different Types of Ingroup Commitment


Doctoral School: Psychology, third year 


Name Supervisor Thesis  Publications
Małgorzata Krawczyk Prof. Łukasz Okruszek From biological motion processing to theory of mind – social brain architecture in individuals with autism spectrum disorders
Katarzyna Obarska Prof. Mateusz Gola Sexualized drug use: prevalence, clinical and psychological characteristics, and its association with CSBD and substance use disorder Katarzyna Obarska publications
Aleksandra Piejka Prof. Łukasz Okruszek Does loneliness impact social information processing? Influance of the percived social isolation on behavioral and parasympathetic markers of social cognition Aleksandra Piejka – Publications
Marcelina Wiśniewska Prof. Łukasz Okruszek Associations between perceived social isolation, neural activity and parasympathetic response


Doctoral School:Sociology, First year 


Name  Supervisor Thesis Publications
Chen Xi Michał Federowicz, co-Krzysztof Niedziałkowski Health of the left-behind children in China – a critical study
Karol Haratyk  The analysis of biographical tensions with the categories of social orders and narrative perspective: cases of project-oriented workers and workers in transnational corporations in Poland
Marta Olejniczak Joanna Kurczewska A study of changes in transport behavior in Poland after 1989
Piotr Trzaskowski Joshua Dubrow Citizens’ assemblies in Poland and their impact on climate change policies


Doctoral School: Sociology, second year 


Name Supervisor Thesis  Publications
Anna Bednarczyk Prof. Magdalena Grabowska Spatiality of care and gendered urban safety in Argentina


Anna Bednarczyk publications
Kirill Lapitskii Prof. Joanna Kurczewska Post-Soviet De-secularization: The Paradox of State-sponsored Monopolization of Religion


Jacek Mazurczak Prof. Kazimierz Słomczyński The radicalisation. A study in sociology.


Andrzej Strzałkowski Prof. Piotra Matczak

Dr Krzysztof Niedziałkowski

Implications of the post-growth for dynamics of daily social practices and law-making in climate policies


Beata Szulęcka Prof. Małgorzata Rajtar Groźna choroba”. Ból, ucieleśnienie i relacyjność w socjologii depresji



Doctoral School: Sociology, third year 


Name Supervisor Thesis  Publications
Piotr Koc Prof. Artur Pokropek

Prof. Natalia Letki-Garner

Challenges of Measurement in Comparative Political Behaviour Research: the Case of Political Participation


Piotr Koc publications
Olga Li Prof. Joshua Dubrow The anti-government protest movement in Putin’s Russia: determinants, demographics and mobilization


Emilia Sieczka Prof. Marta Bucholc

Dr Piotr Filipkowski

Genealogy of the Polish middle class in socialist Poland: discursive denial, life trajectories and contemporary memory politics



Sociology, fourth year 


Name Supervisor Thesis  Publications
Stephen Davies Prof. Sławomir Kapralski The origins and development of Polish cultural schemas and representation of Islam, and their importance in shaping contemporary social attitudes towards Muslims


Oleg Dietkow Prof. Józef Niżnik European Gaming Culture: the Case of Gamers Identity


Emilia Kowalewska Prof. Antoni Z. Kamiński,

Dr Helena Chmielewska-Szlajfer

 “Competing Constitutionalisms in Post-Socialist Poland: An
Institutional Review of Constitution-Making Processes, 1989-1997″
Katarzyna Król Prof. Małgorzata Rajtar Knowledge production and biomedical cultures within rare diseases in Poland


Michał Pachocki Prof. Michał Federowicz The role of transnational mobility in the internationalism of Polish schools


Chengetai Rwazemba Prof. Magdalena Grabowska Women involvement in science technology


Marzia Sultana Prof. Agnieszka Kościańska Exploring the Maternal and Reproductive Health Status of the Ready-made Garments Workers in Bangladesh


Edit Zgut Prof. Daniel Kelemen

Prof. Józef Niżnik

Informal power in hybrid authoritarian regimes: tilting the playing field in Hungary and Poland


Edit Zgut Publications


Sociology,  preparing defence

Name Supervisor Thesis  Publications
Volha Braun Prof. Sławomir Kapralski

Prof. Jagna Brudzińska

The long-term effect of the short-term stays abroad: the phenomenon of the recuperative holiday on the example of Belarusian children


Joanna Bednarek Prof. Urszula Jarecka How Do the News Media Describe the Syrian Civil War? The Case Study of the CNN, BBC, and TVN online stories


Joanna Bednarek publicationss
Jan Frankowski Prof. Michał Federowicz Procedural justice and urban fuel poverty


Jan Frankowski Publications
Denys Lavryk Prof. Kazimierz Słomczyński Class differences in cultural values of post-socialist countries in the context of new institutional theory


Alexander Makhow Prof. Joanna Kurczewska The Role of National Historical Politics in Shaping 20th Century Academic History in Today’s Russia


Alla Marchenko Prof. Sławomir Kapralski Comparative Analysis of the Hasidic Pilgrimage Effects upon the Local Frames of Memory in Ukraine and Poland


Alla Marchenko publications
Viktoriia Muliavka Prof. Jan Kubik

Dr Katerina Vrablikova

Dependency perspective on the protest participation gap between Central Eastern and Western Europe: class composition, social redistribution and mobilization capacity


Viktoriia Muliavka publications
Anna Sedysheva Prof. Magdalena Grabowska Social Media Platforms as a New Source for Feminists’ Movement


Anna Sedysheva publications
Anna Węgiel Dr Justyna Straczuk Technology, Nutrition, Tradition: Discourses and Images of Healthy Diet in High Modernist Poland People’s Republic


Ekaterina Klimenko Prof. Zdzisław Mach Between Assimilation and Multiculturalism: “Migrant Integration” in the post-Socialist Space. The Cases of Russia and Poland


Dagmara Swałtek-Niewińska Prof. Dariusz Libionka  Sieci społeczne i strategie przetrwania Żydów w powiecie krakowskim 1939-1945 Dagmara Swaltek-Niewińska publications






























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