Merit-based recruitment process

The admissions process MA

Deadlines for 2022/23

The admissions process MA

Stage One: Evaluation of Application Documents

Upon receipt of all application materials the departmental selection committee evaluates candidates on the basis of their past academic performance, strength of recommendations, work experience and his/her future plans. Successful applications are invited to continue with the selection process.

Stage Two: Interviews

Applicants who pass the first stage of the admissions process are invited for a telephone or Skype interview (in the case of international applicants) or for an interview at the GSSR (in the case of students who live/reside in Poland). The Admissions Office will contact the applicants to make the necessary arrangements.

Stage Three: Final Evaluation

Those applicants who have passed the first two stages of the admissions process are once again evaluated by a departmental selection committee before the final decisions of acceptance are made. Each applicant is considered on the basis of past academic achievement, strength of recommendations, English language competency, intellectual merit and general compatibility with the goals of the department.

The departmental selection committees may offer an applicant admission or decline admission.

Notification of Acceptance or Rejection

The GSSR Admissions Office issues the official notification of acceptance or rejection.


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