Merit-based recruitment process

The admissions process

The recruitment commission

The admissions process

The admissions procedure to the doctoral school comprises two stages:

Stage One:

In the first stage the recruitment commission evaluates the formal aspect of the documents submitted (completeness of the application complete) and analyses the candidate’s application taking in to account the following :

  1. The description of the planned project
  2. The letter of intent
  3. The Master’s dissertation / publication
  4. Letters of recommendation

After analysis of the above aspects of the application with respect to their substantive merit, the compatibility of the research project with the academic profile of the given Institute, and possibility of ensuring academic supervision are taken into account.

The outcome of the commission’s analysis is the identification of  candidates who may proceed to the second stage of the competition.

Stage Two: interviews conducted in English with selected candidates will take place from August 25 to August 27

During the interview the commission will ask questions related to the candidate’s research project and academic achievements. Regardless of the discipline of the studies already completed by the candidate, the interview may also test the candidate’s knowledge of the fundamental issues addressed in the discipline of the candidates proposed thesis.


Applicants who do not have a degree in psychology will be required to take a test to demonstrate their familiarity with basic issues in psychology (more information available in English here , or in Polish  here).

On August 24  (ie one day before interviews) candidates selected for interview who have chosen psychology as the discipline of their thesis, when this is not the discipline of their previous studies, will be required to take a test of their  basic familiarity with substantive and methodological concepts in the field of psychology.  Details of the relevant procedure are decided by the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The recruitment commission may refer during the interview to matters raised in the test which will take the form of a short multiple-choice test that will be administered at the Institute of Psychology. In the case of lockdown the test will take place online or will be substituted by an oral test conducted online by the Committee.  The test will be conducted in Polish, or in English in the case of  international students.

Candidates will be informed about attendance for interview (and for tests, where applicable) by electronic post sent to the address given by the candidate on the application form. In justified cases the interview may take place online (eg Skype). Interviews will be conducted by the recruitment commission of the  Institute.

Candidates who fail to attend the scheduled Interview without prior notification and documented justification will be considered to have withdrawn their application.

Communication of the Outcome of the Admissions Process 

The names of candidates accepted to the GSSR will be published on our website in the period September 6-10. Candidates will also be notified of their application outcome by e-mail and registered post.

GSSR starts the 2021-2022 academic year on Monday, October 4.


Candidates can submit a written appeal – electronically to, or in hard copy to GSSR offices – to GSSR, within 14 days of the School publishing the Admission Process outcomes on its website.

An Appeals Commission convened by the GSSR Director will meet to consider candidates’ written appeals. GSSR will communicate the Appeals Commission decision electronically, within 15 days of the Commission’s decision on the appeal. The decision of the Appeals Commission is final.


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