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GSSR Alumni are important to us

A foundation of GSSR’s strength are our alumni who work in academia, business, civil society, and government, having become professors, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, media specialists, and civil servants, among other occupations. PhD students are the future alumni who will add to this strength. As such, core parts of GSSR’s mission is alumni outreach, inter-sectoral cooperation, and the development of inter-sectoral networks within the GSSR community.

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GSSR30: Our 30th Anniversary Alumni Reunion

The Graduate School for Social Research (GSSR), Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences (IFiS PAN) celebrated its 30th anniversary with an international event devoted to the inauguration of the 2022/2023 academic year and an international conference featuring GSSR alumni.

The Inauguration includes the Welcome Addresses of the Directors of IFiS, GSSR, IP and IPS, and the Doctoral and Habilitation Diplomas Award Ceremony.

GSSR Conference on the Urgent Issues of Europe

The Conference, organized by GSSR with PAN financial support, brings together alumni, faculty and PhD students of GSSR, and other guests, to discuss urgent issues of Europe today. The Covid-19 pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and economic crises are urgent issues that consume Poland and its fellow European states. We find solutions not by isolating our knowledge, but by building bridges across disciplines, sectors, and nations. The conference connected academics in the social sciences and humanities — PhD students, young researchers, and post-doctoral and established scholars – with professionals from governmental, non-governmental, and business organizations to debate these urgent social, economic, and political issues of Poland and the whole of Europe. This event, “GSSR30,” connected alumni from various backgrounds to demonstrate the practical advantages of an inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary approach.

The keynote speech by Adam Bodnar

The keynote was delivered by Adam Bodnar, Dean of the Law Faculty of the SWPS University in Warsaw, former Ombudsman of the Republic of Poland (09.2015 – 07.2021). His talk, “Resistance and Fight for Rule of Law in Poland in Times of Shrinking Space for Civil Society,” is available on GSSR’s YouTube channel.

Conference Session on Democracy and Conflict

GSSR alumni spoke at a roundtable on threats to democracy in Central and Eastern Europe.