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Designing the non-anthropocentric city

  • Societal Resilience
  • Neo-humanism
  • animal district
  • Warsaw
  • urban design
  • natalia budnik
  • non-anthropocentric
  • city
  • third landscape
  • naturecultures
  • biodiversity
  • multispecies cities
  • non-human perspectives
  • zoopolis
  • feminism
  • feminist design

Agata Szydłowska, Head of the Design Theory Department, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw Imagining Warsaw’s Future: The Concept of an Animal District Imagine that there was an animal district in Warsaw, consisting of a breeding ground for endangered species, a veterinary clinic, a kitchen and an island for nocturnal animals without any artificial light. […]

Neo-humanism: to grow a sustainable economy we must prioritize well-being

  • Science and Public Debate
  • post-growth society
  • unsustainability origins
  • Neo-humanism
  • social relations
  • SDGs
  • environment
  • community
  • subjective well-being
  • happiness
  • climate change
  • technology
  • impact
  • economics
  • economic growth

Francesco Sarracino, STATEC Neo-humanism offers an alternative, empowering way toward a sustainable world. We are anxious about the future. Why? Because the elite sells us the bunkum idea that unfettered economic growth is an unquestionable good.  They try to convince us that, somehow, having more makes for better lives. And yet, for over two decades, […]

Building a Sustainable Public and Open IT Infrastructure for Science and Public Debate in Europe

  • Plan S
  • Science and Public Debate
  • Sustainable IT Infrastructure
  • Misinformation Management
  • Private Enterprises in Science
  • Open Access Publishing
  • Twitter Crisis
  • Public Funding for Science
  • Open Science Movement
  • Mastodon Platform

Marcin Miłkowski, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences In recent years, the importance of a sustainable public and open IT infrastructure for science and public debate has become increasingly clear. This urgency has been highlighted by recent events such as the Twitter crisis (now, “X”), and the lack of stable public funding […]

Redefining Nationalism and the need for a new national policy in the EU

Józef Niżnik, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences The EU’s Internal Challenges Although the European Union faces plenty of external challenges, the most urgent are challenges inside the Union. Probably the most important is the rise of nationalism in the member states. It is blamed for various ills, from the lack of […]

Sustainable Peace in Ukraine as a Cornerstone of Europe’s New Security Architecture: A Community-Centered Approach

  • Ukraine

Kateryna Gryniuk, Ph.D., Research Unit for Sociology of Politics, Economy and Education, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences Andriy Korniychuk, Ph.D., European Studies Unit, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences Sustainable Peace in Ukraine: Making a Case for a Community-Centered Approach The post-World War II peace and security architecture […]