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Doctoral School

PhD Programme in Philosophy and Sociology

Doctoral School

In the new academic year 2019-20, under the provisions of the new law on higher education and science, the GSSR became the home of a new doctoral school with our partner institutes in the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Institutes of Psychology and of Political Studies .

Applications for study within the doctoral school are open  until August 3rd 2021  to begin studies in the 20201-22 academic year on October 4th 2021.

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Doctoral School Regulations

The Regulations of the Doctoral School (hereinafter referred to as “the Regulations”)
specify the organisation and process of training, as well as the rights and obligations of
training participants (also known as “doctoral students”) at the Doctoral School operating
within the Graduate School for Social Research at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology
of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
2. Doctoral training is provided in those scientific disciplines where the co-founding Institutes
of the Doctoral School are authorised to confer the academic degree of doktor.
3. The training of doctoral students creates conditions for:
1. the implementation of the study programme,
2. conducting independent scientific research, including research outside the training
3. scientific cooperation in research teams, including international teams,
4. preparation of scientific publications and public presentations of research results by
doctoral students,
5. preparation of a doctoral thesis under the supervision of either a supervisor or
supervisors, or a supervisor and an auxiliary supervisor,
6. participation in the life of the scientific community in Poland and abroad


Doctoral School study programme

The Doctoral School has an international profile. English is the main language of instruction, with
some courses being offered in Polish. A doctoral thesis may be written and defended in either
English or Polish.
The Aim and Three Pillars of the Study Programme
Candidates who have been admitted to the Doctoral School become researchers and work in the
academic community of the institutes which co-found the Doctoral School within the GSSR. The
aim of the study programme is:
(a) to consolidate and deepen the theoretical and methodological knowledge in the discipline
(b) to broaden the candidates’ cognitive horizons and support them in making an informed choice
when selecting a research topic for their doctoral thesis,
(c) to help candidates to be open to other perspectives,
(d) to develop the ability to conduct independent research that can be useful in science and other
as well as:
(e) to develop the ability to combine scientific theories and methods with practical research in a
selected field,
(f) to gain experience in research, including the design of a research project, conducting
fieldwork, engaging in teamwork, preparing publications and participating in scholarly
(g) to prepare a doctoral thesis.



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