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GSSR Summer School 2024

Location: Wierzba, Poland
September 16 – 21, 2024

Main Themes of the GSSR Summer School 2024

The practical themes this year, with emphasis on advice to discipline-specific needs, are Academic
(with focus on Grant Writing) and Development of the Dissertation.

Academic professionalization is the process of becoming a good colleague and well-prepared scholar
whose aim is to contribute academic knowledge, improve the research community at home and abroad,
and share what we learn with society-at-large. Grant Writing is an important dimension of academic
professionalization. For doctoral students, winning a grant matters on many levels: it facilitates
research, it conveys your strong level of scientific independence – thus enhancing your employability –
and it brings recognition to the host institution, among others. The purpose of the GSSR Summer
School 2024 is to strengthen students’ grant writing skills, taking into account disciplinary expectations
for successful proposals.

From idea to submission, the dissertation is a long and complex process that requires academic and
organizational skills, and substantial expert feedback. In the Summer School 2024, faculty and other
colleagues will discuss your doctoral dissertations, to help you address various issues regarding your

Since 1992, GSSR’s specialty is to encourage, facilitate, and create high-quality research. In keeping with
this tradition, the Summer School 2024 features substantive lectures from faculty of our constituent
institutes and prominent scholars from abroad on important topics in the humanities and social

We invite GSSR PhD students and humanities and social science PhD students studying at Higher Education/Research Institutions outside Poland to apply for funded participate in the GSSR Summer School 2024. The deadline for GSSR Students is July 5, 2028. The deadline for PhD students from abroad is June 28, 2024.
GSSR organizes the roundtrip transportation Warsaw – Wierzba.

PhD students from HEIs abroad can access the Call for Applications here. GSSR PhD students receive the Call electronically.

Funding comes from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, NAWA (nawa.gov.pl),
STER, SIGro project (BPI/STE/2021/1/00030/U/00001), and the Polish Academy of Sciences,