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GSSR Summer School 2021

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GSSR Summer School 2021

GSSR  Summer School 2021

September 12-17, 2021: Wierzba, Poland


About the Summer School

The GSSR Summer School 2021 is designed for PhD students in the Social Sciences and Humanities to exchange knowledge, enhance their academic skills, and gain experience while forming social bonds with faculty and fellow students that will benefit their academic and professional careers and personal lives. With the aim to provide best practices for, and address issues regarding, doctoral research, the theme of the GSSR Summer School 2021 is Academic Professionalization.

Academic professionalization is the process of becoming a good colleague and well-prepared scholar whose aim is to contribute academic knowledge, improve the research community at home and abroad, and share what we learn with society-at-large. The positive impact of a caring community of academic professionals ripples beyond the school environment and into the intellectual and policy debates across all areas of human social life. GSSR aims to do its part by training the next generation of academic professionals here in Poland and abroad. The Summer School 2021 is one of GSSR’s training programs.

Since 1992, GSSR’s specialty is to encourage, facilitate, and create interdisciplinary research. In keeping with this tradition, one component of the Summer School 2021 are substantive lectures from faculty of our constituent institutes and prominent scholars from abroad on a most-timely theme, Uncertainty.  Speakers will engage with this theme from the point of view of philosophy, political science, psychology and sociology. The same multi-and interdisciplinary approach characterizes the other Summer School elements, that is, Roundtable Discussions and Presentations.


Przemek Tomalski : Finding and writing grants for your research (and about sometimes getting them )


Student presentations

Dana Naghi_Job Satisfaction in Working from Home in Romania. Pre- and post-Covid 19

Dana Solonean_ Education Reforms in Post-communist Romania. Ideological Trends, Agency and Governance

Hamid Ait El Caid_Exploring the Impediments to non-EU immigrant’s Integration in Europe

Jéssica da Silva Höring_Patterns of Engagement in UNITA’s First Generation

Kondwani Happy Ngoma_The State and Enterprise in an Age of Empire and Decolonisation

Manikandan Soundararajan_Lived Experience and Victimization Faced by Undocumented Migrants

Patricia J Rendez_Sexulaity and Reproduction on the Streets_Brazil

Radowslaw Szymanski_A Reform Project for an 18th Century Agrarian Republic

Viktoriia Muliavka_Dependency Perspective on Working class Gap in Protest Participation Europe

Xenia Medvedeva_Eastern Orthodox Christianity in North America


Funding and organizational support for the GSSR Summer School 2021

International PhD student funding comes from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, NAWA (, “International Scholarship Exchange of PhD Candidates and Academic Staff,” PROM, project (PPI/PRO/2019/1/00043/U/00001).

The GSSR Summer School 2021 is funded by Narodowego Centrum Badań i Rozwoju (NCBiR, for the “Humanities and Social Sciences for Society and Enterprise” programme administered by the Graduate School for Social Research (POWR.03.02.00-IP.08-I019/17). Additional funding comes from the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, IFiS PAN.

Organizational support for the Summer School 2021 comes from GSSR, IFiS PAN (, and CONSIRT of The Ohio State University and the Polish Academy of Sciences (





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