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Phenomenology Research Summer School 2019

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Phenomenology Research Summer School 2019

A second International  Research Summer School in Genetic Phenomenology ‘Limit Problems of Phenomenology: The Unconscious, Instincts, Metaphysics, and Ethics‘ took place from September 2nd to 6th 2019 in Warsaw.


2nd Research Summer School in Genetic Phenomenology 2019

Limit Problems of Phenomenology: The Unconscious, Instincts, Metaphysics, and Ethics

The second International Research Summer School in Genetic Phenomenology took place in Warsaw from September 2nd to 6th 2019 at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology /Graduate School for Social Research, Polish Academy of Sciences.

In the late phase of his reflections, following the new possibilities opened by the genetic method, Edmund Husserl addresses the factuality of the body-consciousness relationship. Investigating elusive phenomena such as sleep and dream, birth and death, fainting and awakening, unconscious, drive and instincts, Husserl questions the limits of consciousness, its inner continuity that holds together the passivity of life and the subject’s higher ethical performances.

The  Research Summer School in Genetic Phenomenology aims to offer an in-depth analysis of Husserl’s research manuscripts collected in volume XLII of Husserliana, while opening an interdisciplinary dialogue with psychoanalysis, psychology, sociology, and anthropology.

International experts will discuss thematic issues on the basis of textual analysis in lectures and seminars. In the afternoon, international scholars and advanced PhD students will present their own research topics during “text-laboratories” and continue the discussion of selected manuscripts from Hua XLII.

The Research summer school will also include a section on psychoanalysis headed by Prof. Dr. med. Heinz Weiß.


  • Rudolf Bernet (KU Leuven, Husserl-Archive Leuven)
  • Jagna Brudzińska (IFIS PAN Warsaw / Husserl-Archive Cologne)
  • Natalie Depraz (Rouen University)
  • Saulius Geniusas (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • George Heffernan (Merrimack College – Massachusetts)
  • Julia Jansen (KU Leuven, Director of the Husserl-Archive Leuven)
  • Dieter Lohmar (University of Cologne, Director of the Husserl-Archive Cologne)
  • James Mensch (Charles University, Prague)
  • Stefano Micali (KU Leuven, Husserl-Archive Leuven)
  • Karel Novotny (Charles University Prague)
  • Dominique Pradelle (Sorbonne University, Paris, Director of the Husserl-Archive Paris)
  • Alice Pugliese (University of Palermo, Italy)
  • Lanei Rodemeyer (Duquesne University Pittsburgh, USA)
  • Roberto Walton (University of Buenos Aires)
  • Heinz Weiß (Sigmund Freud Institute – Stuttgart)


  • Limits and Transitions of Consciousness: Birth, Death, Fainting, and Sleep
  • Unconscious, Instincts, Drives, and Repression
  • Monadology and Teleology
  • Metaphysics, Existence, Ethics
  • Genetic Methodology
  • Gender Studies
  • Psychoanalysis

The 2nd Research Summer School was open to anyone interested in phenomenological research. The participation fee was 45 € (200 PLN). It covered coffee and one common dinner. Some stipends were available to cover the fee in exceptional circumstances.

Language: English / German

Total Class Time: 30h

Project Direction: Prof. Jagna Brudzińska

Organizing Committee: Prof. Karel Novotny (, Prof. Alice Pugliese (


The Research Summer Schools are organized in cooperation with: Husserl-Archiv, Cologne | Les Archives Husserl, Paris | Husserl-Archives, Leuven | Charles-University, Prague | University of Palermo | Chinese University Hong Kong | a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities, University of Cologne | Merrimack College – Massachusetts | Duquesne University Pittsburgh, USA | Sigmund Freud Institute – Stuttgart | University of Buenos Aires | gPHEN International Network – Genetic Phenomenology and the Human Sciences



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