Individual Study Programme


Individual Study Programme


Each PhD student will work together with their supervisor each academic year to agree a programme of individual study for the next twelve months. In addition to compulsory courses taught in GSSR students will be expected to join wherever possible a research project underway within the Institute (or, exceptionally, in an equivalent research centre).

Building your individual programme

Your individual study programme should be designed to ensure you have the methodological skills and theoretical knowledge necessary for successful completion of  your doctoral research and, for those who choose, for your further academic career. These skills and knowledge will be gained by participation in taught courses and in the research work of the Institute.  On completion of the four years of the programme in addition to completion of your doctoral research you will have gained insight also into aspects of a research group’s work, such as elaboration of a concept and its realisation  by the different stages of proposal writing,  grant administration, preparation of work for publication, as well as the important ‘soft skills’ gained from working in a team.

The PhD programme lasts four years – the maximum period for such a programme normally allowed by Polish law (limited additional time is permitted for students interrupting their studies for the various reasons clearly specified in Ministerial regulations).



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