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Quality control

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Quality control

Lancaster University’s quality control procedures leading to award of the MA degree.


The GSSR programme is not taught by lecturers from Lancaster University.

The Lancaster Internal Quality Assessment Process is the basis for Lancaster University’s award of a British MA degree. After successfully completing the GSSR programme, as shown by the IFiS Certificate of Course Completion, you are eligible to submit your academic work, including your dissertation, to Lancaster University’s Internal Validation System leading to a British MA degree.

Your work is reviewed by an external examiner appointed by Lancaster University from a UK university other than Lancaster.  This examiner reads the work of all students ( course essays and dissertations) after you have completed the IFiS certified course work and the dissertation  to decide whether your work meets Lancaster’s quality standards. A positive review confirms compliance with the requirements of UK’s Quality Assurance Association for higher education (more details at, and leads to the award of a Lancaster University MA degree.

The institution of the external examiner is of the less well-known features of British higher education. Each university department appoints one or more external examiners- a senior figure from a different university whose job it is to read the work of students in the department (essays, dissertations, examination scripts of undergraduates and graduates) and to confirm that the standard of work and the marks awarded conform to standards elsewhere in other British universities known to the examiner.The external examiner is usually appointed for three years only and a new examiner cannot be from the same university as the previous one.

External examiners’ reports are generally internal documents, and while it would be unusual to give quotations from them, it is however permissible to note that the work of students overwhelmingly meets the standards of work completed in the best UK universities.




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