British MA Programme in Warsaw

MA in Culture, Media and Society (not available in 2021-2022)


MA in Culture, Media and Society (not available in 2021-2022)

The MA in Culture, Media and Society track offers students a unique chance to gain a broad perspective on the contemporary developments in the field of cultural studies together with a practical focus on those aspects of culture which are of importance in today’s societies. In particular, the problem of cultural identity in the contemporary world is addressed in various courses that make up this track, including Theories of Culture, the Holocaust and Its Cultural Meaning, Culture and Nationalism, Women’s Political Identity, and the Roma in Central/Eastern Europe.

The media-component provides students with an understanding of the growing importance of the interplay of influence between mass media and society, examining the media’s role in shaping socio-cultural, political, economic, and technological developments. The track looks at a broad range of subjects related to the production and reception of news and advertising, including mass communication history and theory, media effects, media ownership structure.

Recent dissertation topics have included for example:

Henryk Sienkiewicz’s In Desert and Wilderness: a project for patriotic Polish youth

Social facts and social robots: finding technology studies.

As seen on television: racist representations of Kurdish people in Söz


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