British MA Programme in Warsaw

MA in Economy and Society

MA in Culture, Media and Society (not available in 2021-2022)

MA in Economy and Society

The MA in Economy and Society track was designed to help students develop an understanding of how social preconditions may both limit and stimulate change from non-market to various types of market economy. The seminars focus on the interdependence between the economic and social systems at the time of a deep transformation. Thanks to courses such as Economy and Society , Seminar on Corruption, Organized Crime and Human Trafficking, students are able to observe theories “in action”, as instruments for achieving a better understanding of the socio-economic world.

Recent dissertation topics have included for example:

Sexual market value: economic metaphor in “pickup artist” handbooks

Career trajectories of USSR born certified interpreters in Poland in the light of Bourdieu’s notion of capital.

Women’s involvement in STEM education: Society’s perspectives on culture and gender equality lessons; consequences and areas of improvement in Zimbabwe


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