Scholarships and Fee-Waivers

Scholarships and Fee-Waivers

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Scholarships and Fee-Waivers

Candidates to the programme who wish to be considered for financial aid are required to complete Part 9  of the application form available in the How to apply section of the Admissions menu.

Financial aid awards are determined at the end of the admissions process when the selection committee completes its academic merit ranking lists. The GSSR Admissions Office then matches these lists with the financial aid selections submitted by applicants. Due to the fact that the  GSSR can offer support to only a limited number of applicants, financial aid offers depend on an applicant’s place in the merit-ranking list.

GSSR financial aid is awarded on a highly competitive basis. Therefore, each applicant is urged to make a responsible assessment of his or her financial need before requesting financial aid, or to seek support from other sources such as foundation grants, or individual or employment sponsors.

Decisions on GSSR financial aid are announced together with the offer of acceptance. Financial aid offers are not negotiable after the submission of the signed Enrollment Confirmation Form.


Forms of Financial Aid

The amount of financial aid the GSSR can offer is limited and normally it takes the form of partial tuition fee waivers .


Partial Tuition Fee Waivers

Financial aid is normally offered by the GSSR in the form of partial fee-waivers. All financial aid is awarded strictly on the basis of academic merit. Availability of such aid is limited. Applicants should therefore bear in mind that e.g. for a given number of 50% fee waivers the GSSR is able to offer twice as 25% waivers, etc.

  1. Partial Tuition Waiver-25%. This partial tuition waiver covers 25% of the tuition. Students are expected to pay 75% of their tuition and to cover their housing, food and personal expenses for the whole academic year. To estimate these expenses, students should consult the practical guide section of the website. Students need to budget additionally for travel, recreation, and incidentals, which can vary according to the individual.


Other Procedural Matters

Financial aid is awarded for the following academic year only. The award is valid for one year and is not transferable if the student defers enrollment.


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