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GSSR Academic Program for Ukrainian Refugees

10 March 2022

GSSR expresses solidarity with the people of Ukraine in the face of Russia’s military invasion of their country. In our solidarity, we announce a special Academic Program for Ukrainian Refugees (hereafter, the Program) that immediately welcomes 10 young researchers pursuing a Kandydat Nauk or Doktor Nauk degree in philosophy, sociology, psychology or political science at a higher education institution (HEI) in Ukraine, to access GSSR’s academic environment.

The Program’s purpose is to provide doctoral students from Ukraine, starting March 28 and until 30.09.2022, stable working conditions for their dissertation studies and opportunity to discuss their research with GSSR faculty and students. Selected participants have free access to GSSR’s physical space in Palac Staszic, the GSSR library, internet facilities, GSSR courses and academic events, and the School’s network of scholars. Participants have the option to pursue a GSSR-issued Certification.

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