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GSSR International Scholarship Awards (GISA) winners (2nd Call)

Congratulations to GSSR Ph.D. students Adrianna Aleksandrowicz, Paulina Bagrowska, Agata Kozioł, Monika Malon, Marcin Rabiza, Beata Szulęcka, and June Yeung – winners of the GSSR International Scholarship Awards (GISA)! The stipends are funded within the NAWA STER program.

Adrianna Aleksandrowicz is a 3rd-year GSSR doctoral student in Psychology (IP PAN). Adrianna is a researcher in the Experimental Psychopathology Lab, where she investigates the mechanisms of auditory hallucinations in clinical and non-clinical populations. As part of a NAWA Preludium Bis, she interned at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). Recently, Adrianna joined the ERA PerMed project, where she will be working on research aiming to personalize Metacognitive Training (MCT) for psychosis.

Paulina Bagrowska is a 3rd-year GSSR doctoral student in Psychology (IP PAN). She works in the Experimental Psychopathology Lab, where she researches the mechanisms of paranoia-like thoughts and other psychotic-like experiences. Paulina is a laureate of the NCN Preludium grant and the winner of the GSSR International Mobility Award (GIMA) for a research visit at the University of Melbourne in Australia. She has also been awarded the GSSR International Scholarship Award (GISA) for best Ph.D. students.

Agata Kozioł is a 1st-year GSSR doctoral student, and a researcher in the Neurocognitive Development Lab at the Institute of Psychology, IP PAN, where she conducts interdisciplinary research on infant development. Her primary focus is the quantification of motor activity with Inertial Motion Units. Moreover, Agata collaborates with Dr. Alejandrina Cristia from PSL University on developing a Machine Learning algorithm for the classification of toddlers’ speech. Her work is co-supervised by Prof. Przemysław Tomalski and Dr. Hana D’Souza from Cardiff University.

Monika Malon is a 1st year Ph.D. student at GSSR, pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology (IP PAN). She graduated with honors from the University of Warsaw, gained experience working as a Research Assistant in three grants funded by NCN, and disseminated her work in peer-reviewed journals and at international conferences. Monika is a member of the Social Neuroscience Lab, where she explores the relationship between loneliness and prosocial tendencies.

Marcin Rabiza is a 2nd-year Ph.D. student at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, IFiS, PAN. His dissertation research centers on the philosophy of artificial intelligence, focusing on the black box problem of machine learning. Marcin’s work explores the relationship between explanation and understanding in AI, drawing on the traditions of the philosophy of science and epistemology. His doctoral project is conducted in collaboration with Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Beata Szulęcka is a 3rd-year Ph.D. student and a researcher in the Rare Disease Social Research Centre at IFiS PAN. She works in the field of critical mental health studies. Beata’s dissertation explores the psychiatrists’ and patients’ understandings and experiences of depression against the backdrop of the popularization of the medicalized idiom of depression in Poland after the 1990s. Her research has been published in East European Politics & Societies. Beata was a co-organizer of the international seminar series “Critical Mental Health Seminars.”

June Yeung is a 2nd-year GSSR doctoral student in Psychology (IP PAN). She works with dr hab. Kuba Kryś in the Macropsychology Lab that he leads. June’s research goal is to examine emotions and well-being with a balanced, culturally sensitive perspective. June is from Hong Kong, a city regarded as a hybrid of East and West. She seeks to bring this multicultural perspective to her research.