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New Projects Seminar Series: Feminist philosophy of the body and the 2020-2021 Polish protests for reproductive rights

Dr. Adrianna Zabrzewska, GSSR alumna and instructor
08/12/2023, 5:30 pm
Room 268

The seminar has two objectives: (a) to provide an overview of selected approaches to embodiment and embodied voice in contemporary feminist philosophy and (b) to demonstrate how this theoretical framework can be applied to the 2020–2021 Polish protests for reproductive rights.

In the first part of the seminar, I will talk about how feminist theories of embodiment and embodied voice can redefine our understanding of vulnerability, relationality, and care as political categories. Judith Butler’s theory of protests as embodied action and Adriana Cavarero’s relational politics of voice will be central to my discussion.

The second part of the meeting will be devoted to preliminary insights on how body and voice can be applied to a qualitative analysis of political sources about the 2020–2021 protests against the abortion ban in Poland. For this part of the presentation, I will draw on my analysis from Gender, Voice, and Violence in Poland: Women’s Protests during the Pandemic (Zabrzewska and Dubrow, IFiS Publishers 2021), available for free at: politicalinequality.org/gender-voice-and-violence

Dr. Adrianna Zabrzewska

Dr. Adrianna Zabrzewska is a GSSR alumna and instructor, translator, Fulbright scholar, and interdisciplinary feminist researcher. She has written on Cavarero’s philosophy of voice (Teksty Drugie), gender in American and Polish children’s book publishing (International Research in Children’s Literature, forthcoming), and Barad’s theory of agential realism explained through an analysis of The Velveteen Rabbit (University Press of Mississippi, forthcoming). Dr. Zabrzewska is the co-editor of two social science sourcebooks: Gender Quotas in the Post-Communist World (2020) and Gender, Voice, and Violence in Poland (2021), both from IFiS Publishers.

Event supported by NAWA Welcome to Poland and NCBiR.

Listen to dr. Adrianna Zabrzewska’s talk on “Feminist philosophy of the body and the 2020-2021 Polish protests for reproductive rights” on our Youtube channel: https://tiny.pl/w5c4k