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Pandemic Diary Competition

22 April 2020

How can we bring together our individual experiences through academic research? PhD students propose a competition for diaries of the pandemic.

The originators of the idea are: Małgorzata Łukianow & Mateusz Mazzini, PhD students at GSSR, together with Justyna Kościńska & Monika Helak from Warsaw University’s Institute of Sociology & MajaGłowacka from Warsaw University’s Institute of Polish Culture.

Participants in the competition are asked to describe their everyday experience, their daily responsibilities, contacts with loved ones and friends, entertainments and work, and say whether and how they have changed. Equally important are reflections and thoughts about the world around us in this extraordinary time.

The diary should be submitted as a text document (.doc, .rtf, .txt, .pdf) or scan (.jpg lub .pdf) using the formula on the web page

Two main prizes of 2500 PLN each will be awarded to authors of the best entries with further prizes of 500 PLN each to two shortlisted entries. In addition entrants to the competition will take part in a lottery to win copies of an illustrated book, now in preparation, about life during the epidemic. The monthly online magazine ‘Mały Format’ has also expressed interest in the diaries. The editorial team will select and publish 6 to 10 of the diaries, or parts of them. Authors of the selected texts will receive honoraria.

Further details of the competition can be found at at :



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