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Paulina Bagrowska and Zuzanna Laudańska: National Science Center Preludium 21 grants recipients!

Warm congratulations to our colleagues, Paulina Bagrowska and Zuzanna Laudańska, for their success in the @National Science Center Preludium 21 competition!

Paulina Bagrowska

Paulina Bagrowska is a 3rd year student at GSSR, pursuing her PhD in Psychology at the Institute of Psychology PAN. She works in the Experimental Psychopathology Lab and is involved in several projects funded by Sonata Bis and OPUS grants (NCN), which investigate the mechanisms of paranoia and other psychotic-like experiences. As a Preludium grant recipient, for the next three years Paulina will lead the project “Psychophysiological aspects of sleep in non-clinical paranoia. Experience Sampling Method (ESM) and sleep EEG study.”

Zuzanna Laudańska

Zuzanna Laudańska is a 3rd year PhD student at GSSR, pursuing her doctorate in Psychology at the Institute of Psychology PAN. She works in the Neurocognitive Development Lab (BabyLab), where she investigates the development of motor-vocal coordination in infancy in the context of infant-parent interactions. For the next three years Zuzanna will lead the Preludium-funded project “Sit and face the world: Infants’ vocal production and visual attention to toys, faces and the articulating mouth across the transition to independent sitting.”