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Academic writing, highly instrumental in pursuing doctoral studies, is often fraught with difficulties. While some general guidance on well-structured and meticulously edited writing may apply regardless of the discipline, the actual writing (and publishing) traditions vary from one discipline to another – or even  within the same discipline depending on the specific field of research.  

GSSR offers courses designed to help PhD students hone their writing skills and successfully navigate the academic publishing world. The courses are separate for philosophy and social sciences students, yet remain open to all those interested in doing interdisciplinary research or simply willing to broaden their minds. Apart from learning the discipline-specific aspects of academic writing, the students are encouraged to find their own way of effective writing that is best suited to their particular field of research and aligned with their individual writing style. That is why introductory courses that address broader issues relevant to academic reading and writing are followed by ones focused on polishing individual student projects that are already underway.

Currently available courses:

  • Interpreting and Constructing: Working with a Philosophical Text
  • Article Finishing Course – Philosophy and Social Theory
  • Empirical Research in the Social Sciences (ERSS) Part II: Writing in the Social Sciences
  • Article Finishing Course – Social Sciences

GSSR students are encouraged to develop their academic writing skills by contributing to the publications prepared as part of various research initiatives at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Institute of Political Studies, and Institute of Psychology, respectively.