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GSSR PhD Students as Principal Investigators, Current

Paulina Bagrowska is the PI of NCN Preludium 21 grant (2023-2026) „Psychophysiological aspects of sleep in non-clinical paranoia. Experience Sampling Method (ESM) and sleep EEG study”.

Anna Bednarczyk conducts a project “The spatiality of urban safety and care. A qualitative study of young women’s life trajectories in Argentina” as the PI of NCN PRELUDIUM 20 grant (2022–2024).

Zuzanna Laudańska is the PI of NCN Preludium 21 grant titled “Sit and face the world: Infants’ vocal production and visual attention to toys, faces and the articulating mouth across the transition to independent sitting”.

Wiktoria Morawska is the PI of “Continuum of decision dependence of advancing women and post-transformation subjective autonomy” – the “Perły Nauki” grant of the Ministry of Science and Education.

Jakub Wolak is the PI of “Idea Apocalyptica seu Apocalypsis Stanislai Orichovii. Edition, translation and interpretation of a Pseudo-Orichovian eschatologico-political apocrypha”, a project financed from NCN PRELUDIUM 19 grant (2022–2024).