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Department of Philosophical Anthropology and Social Philosophy


The Department of Philosophical Anthropology and Social Philosophy was founded in 1995. At present, the Research Group is composed of four permanent members of the research staff, all of whom are professors, and one interim post-doc researcher. In addition, two scholarship holders are affiliated with the Group. The founder and long-standing head of the department was Prof. Dr. Stanisław Czerniak, an eminent expert in German philosophy and a representative of 20th-century philosophical anthropology, a fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, now a retired member of the Group. As of 2018, the head of the Department is Prof. Dr. Jagna Brudzińska.

Objectives and research areas

The Group’s research focus is the foundations and theoretical identity of contemporary philosophical anthropology and its relation to phenomenology and social philosophy in their historical and systematic dimensions. We place particular emphasis on the possibility of further developing philosophical anthropology. Our innovative approach is based on a phenomenological theory of experience, starting from the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl, especially his genetic phenomenology. The research is carried out in the intra-, inter- and transdisciplinary dimensions and addresses the phenomenological theory of human experience, the anthropology of the subject in the lifeworld, and its social dimensions and sources – in dialogue with contemporary human sciences.

Dr hab. Jagna Brudzińska, prof. IFiS PAN – Head
Prof. dr hab. Stanisław Czerniak 
Dr hab. Andrzej Gniazdowski, prof. IFiS PAN
Dr hab. Daniel Sobota, prof. IFiS PAN
dr Giulia Lanzirott

Fellow: Prof. Pavel Barkouski – NCBR Fellow, ‘Solidarity with Scientists’ program, 2023-2025 

GSSR PhD student (cotutelle): Thomas Dojan

For more information see: https://ifispan.pl/en/filozofia/zespol-antropologii-filozoficznej-i-filozofii-spolecznej/ 

Professor Brudzińska  is willing to act supervisor for GSSR doctoral students. Her research areas are:

Husserlian Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy, Philosophical Anthropology, Theoretical Psychology and Psychoanalysis.

Classical German Philosophy and Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Life, Social Theory, Conflict research, Qualitative Research