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GSSR students are encouraged to apply for external funding opportunities. Our facilities, staff, and faculty are here to support you in your academic endeavors. 

Applying for NCN, NAWA, and other external grants

When applying for NCN PRELUDIUM grants, your supervisor acts as your mentor. The supervisor’s role is to help you with substantive matters related to the academic quality of your research project. However, when it comes to formal matters and the grant application procedure, you will also collaborate with the Research Officer from one of our constituent institutes.

The task of the Research Officer is to answer all questions related to the formal aspects of the grant application (e.g. budget, data privacy, etc.), fill in those parts of the application that require the input of the constituent institute, and check your application for completion and compliance.

For more information see here.

Books and online resources

Apart from its on-site collection, GSSR’s library facilitates inter-library loans. Please note that our library does not have its own online catalog. You can use the catalog of Polish scientific libraries Nukat to check if other libraries in Poland have the volume you are looking for. GSSR’s librarian, mgr Lidia Wójcicka, is happy to support you with finding the books you need.

GSSR library also has access to digital libraries such as JSTORE or ProQuest. If you are looking for a specific article archived in those digital libraries, please feel free to contact Lidia Wójcicka by email.

The Joint Libraries of WFiS UW, IFiS PAN and PTF are also a great resource for our students. Your GSSR doctoral student card entitles you to loan books from there as well. The Joint Libraries are located on Krakowskie Przedmieście 3, within a short walking distance from the Staszic Palace. 

MNiSW list of scientific journals and peer-reviewed international conference materials, January 5, 2024 

Here you find the list of scientific journals and peer-reviewed materials from international conferences, including their number of points, as published by Poland’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) in January 2024. This list is important for you to plan the publication(s) that will count toward fulfilling your PhD requirements, in addition to understanding how the Ministry ranks the scientific contribution of given publishing outlets.