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GSSR Summer School 2023
September 10-15, 2023, Wierzba, Poland

From September 10 to 15, 2023, the Graduate School for Social Research, GSSR (gssr.edu.pl), of the
Polish Academy of Sciences’ Institutes of Philosophy and Sociology (IFiS), Political Studies (IPS) and

Psychology (IP), organized the “Professionalization into the International Academic Community” international summer school. This event had Dissertation management as its practical theme, and Accountability as its substantive theme.

The GSSR Summer School 2023 was organized within the NAWA-STER “Sustainable International Growth in Doctoral Education: Collaboration and Mobility @ GSSR (SIGro)” project awarded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, NAWA (nawa.gov.pl). 

The Program of the GSSR Summer School 2023


Dr. Hollie Nyseth Nzitatira: Writing Policy Briefs

Dr. Hollie Nyseth Nzitatira: Writing for the public

Dr. Nicole Fox: Accountability and Memorialization