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GSSR Academic Program for Ukraine


The Graduate School for Social Research expresses solidarity with the people of Ukraine who suffer from Russia’s military invasion of their country. As an expression of this solidarity, since April 2022, we have organized the Academic Program for Ukraine.

The Program’s purpose is to provide doctoral students from Ukraine with stable working conditions, opportunities to discuss their research with GSSR faculty and students, and participation in the academic life of the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Institute of Political Studies, and Institute of Psychology. Participants have free access to GSSR’s physical space in Palac Staszic, the GSSR library, internet facilities, GSSR courses and academic events (in-person, hybrid, and online), and the School’s network of scholars. Participants accepted to this Program have started accessing GSSR resources the day they received the electronic acceptance notification from GSSR, and will continue to have the opportunity to do so.

Thanks to financial support from the Open Society Foundations (Grant Number OR2022-85762), from May 2022 to June 2023 we were able to fund nine Ukrainian students and the PhD Study Group led by Dr. Ilona Wysmulek (PhD in 2018, IFiS PAN), herself a Ukrainian scholar.

What students say about GSSR’s Academic Program for Ukraine

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances from February 2022 the contact with my academic supervisor from Ukraine was almost absent, I was extremely frustrated and started having a lot of doubts including even choosing this particular field of knowledge. Fortunately, one of my fellow PhD students told me about GSSR`s program, his experience here and suggested I applied, too. I believe it to be one of the best decisions I ever made in relation to the academic career.

Despite constant blackouts, problems with Internet access, and air alarms, I was able to be online at GSSR seminars, events, workshops. The most useful for me were lectures and Study Group meetings with Dr. Ilona Wysmulek … We understood our strengths and weaknesses in the art of self-presentation.

I am grateful to GSSR for the opportunities, support and guidance to improve my research as well as my adaptation to the scientific community in Poland without losing touch with my Alma Mater in Ukraine. I wish GSSR, IFiS PAN and all participants success, new discoveries and achievements, and most importantly – peaceful skies!

Realizing the fact that my colleagues from the group continue their researches despite the war and problems with the meeting the basic needs I fill inspired and ready to continue my work. GSSR employees provide any informational support, encourage to participate the same events as for the GSSR graduate students. I really don’t know what can be better.