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The New Projects Seminar Series


Since 2020, GSSR’s “New Projects Seminar Series” promotes excellent research in the social sciences and humanities. The seminar is an opportunity for scholars to present and discuss their latest academic projects to an interdisciplinary audience.

Supported by NAWA Welcome to Poland, the NPSS is also a platform for scholars to share and discuss their research projects at various levels of advancement. PhD students gain additional experience in presenting their ongoing research and using the obtained feedback to improve their work.

GSSR students are encouraged to present their PhD projects and collect valuable feedback from invited scholars whose task is to comment on the students’ research as well as its presentation. Invited scholars provide their comments taking into account both their previous reading of the students’ materials and the actual delivery of the presentation.

The series also hosts lectures and panel discussions by GSSR alumni and scholars from academic institutions in Poland and abroad who represent various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

The New Project Seminar Series events are open to the public.

Some of the latest New Projects Seminar Series talks