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Winners of the GSSR International Mobility Award (GIMA): announcement

We are delighted to share that, thanks to the NAWA STER funding, GSSR has awarded 7 of our talented scholars international mobility fellowships for research visits at Higher Education Institutes abroad.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to expand their research horizons, collaborate with international peers, and gain invaluable experiences at globally renowned institutions.

Please join us in congratulating:

Filip Brzeźniak, Philosophy

Hanna Gelner, Psychology

Agata Kozioł, Psychology

Szymon Mąka, Psychology

Marcin Rabiza, Philosophy

Marta Szpala, Political Studies

Arkadiusz Wąsiel, Psychology

Their hard work, passion, and academic excellence have truly paid off. We are proud of their achievements and are excited to see the impact of their research on an international stage.