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The Computational Social Sciences Department at IFiS PAN


Research Focus: Specializing in the analysis of sociocultural phenomena through digital data, the Computational Social Sciences (CSS) Department integrates methods from social science and data science. Its research covers critical areas like democracy, prejudice, misinformation, and social inequality, employing methodologies that blend statistics, data science, machine learning, and computer science. (For more information see: https://css.ifispan.edu.pl/en/)

Ongoing Grant: The department is currently leading a significant project funded by the National Science Center (Sonata Bis-10: UMO-2020/38/E/HS6/00302). Starting in February 2022 and running until January 2027, the project explores the increasing integration of digital technology in daily life and its implications for social sciences. It aims to develop methodologies combining digital footprints and traditional survey methods to address social issues such as trust, migration attitudes, environmental concerns, government perception, misinformation, and attitude polarization. 

Members who have PhD or Habilitation degrees: dr Maria Flakus, dr Marek Muszyński, dr Tomasz Żółtak, dr hab. Artur Pokropek, prof. IFiS PAN.

Names and email addresses of faculty in your unit interested to serve as supervisor or co-supervisor to GSSR PhD students: Artur Pokropek, artur.pokropek@ifispan.edu.pl