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Section for the History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at IFiS PAN


Dr hab. Dorota Zygmuntowicz (chairwoman); dorota.zygmuntowicz@ifispan.edu.pl

Dr hab. Marcin Bukała; marcin.bukala@ifispan.edu.pl

Dr hab. Piotr Lichacz; piotr.lichacz@ifispan.edu.pl

Prof. dr hab. Mikołaj Olszewski; mikolaj.olszewski@ifispan.edu.pl

Dr Włodzimierz Zega; wlodzimierz.zega@ifispan.edu.pl

The aim of our research is to enhance the understanding of the roots and development of philosophy and theology in their reciprocal influence. One of our primary areas of research is Greek ethics and socio-political thought, with particular interest in Plato’s dialogues, analysed in their contemporary cultural context (Dorota Zygmuntowicz). 

The second area of research concerns a range of topics in medieval philosophy and theology, with a particular focus on 13th-15th century thought (Mikołaj Olszewski, Marcin W. Bukała), as well as Polish philosophy and doctrines taught at university centres in Central Europe during the 14th and 15th centuries (Mikołaj Olszewski, Marcin W. Bukała, Włodzimierz Zega). This research involves editorial and interpretative work.

We study also history of economic ethics (Marcin W. Bukała)  and engage in contemporary ethical debates using some intellectual tools elaborated by classical philosophy (Piotr Lichacz).

Furthermore, we translate source texts from Greek ana Latin and publish studies on them, especially the writings of:

Plato (Dorota Zygmuntowicz);

Thomas Aquinas (Marcin W. Bukała, Piotr Lichacz, Mikołaj Olszewski, Włodzimierz Zega);

Matthew of Cracow (Marcin W. Bukała, Mikołaj Olszewski).

Each member of the History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy section is willing to serve as supervisor or co-supervisor to GSSR PhD students.