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The Civil Society Department at IFiS PAN


Academics and PhD students affiliated with the Civil Society Department have been engaged in undertaking basic research regarding issues related to the social, cultural and political conditions of civil society for more than thirty years now. We have conducted sociological, historical and philosophical studies on societal self-organisation. When it comes to historical analyses, these encompassed both the evolution of the concept of civil society and changes in citizenship practices. 

Sociological studies have focused on civic culture, the political contexts of civil society, theories of association, civic values, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), social movements, uninstitutionalised grassroots activism, social capital of civil society leaders, social entrepreneurship but also the role of new information technologies in shaping civic practices, the role of NGOs in international development cooperation, (global) citizenship education, the impact of democratic backsliding on advocacy NGOs. 

Research conducted by Department members relies on qualitative and quantitative methods. International cooperation and intercultural studies likewise comprise an important aspect of our work. 

Galia Chimiak is an editor-in-chief (together with Fredrik O. Andersson and Susan Appe) of VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations (2022 Impact factor: 2.4). 

Examples of recent research projects:

Dariusz Gawin: Studies on the history of self-organisation in the context of the evolution of the post-revisionist left in Poland 

Artur Kościański: Taipei-Warsaw, director and coordinator of the Polish research team, “Unto a full-grown citizen! Social activism and trust after three decades of transition in Taiwan and Poland” 

Galia Chimiak: member of the research team realising the project “Studying advocacy NGOs in Poland” implemented by Klon/Jawor Association

Currently working members:

Head of the Department: dr hab. Dariusz Gawin, prof. IFiS PAN


dr hab. Galia Chimiak, prof. IFiS PAN (https://pan-pl.academia.edu/GaliaChimiak)

Dr Artur Kościański

Faculty interested to serve as supervisor or co-supervisor to GSSR PhD students:

Dariusz Gawin: dariusz.gawin@ifispan.edu.pl 

Galia Chimiak: galia.chimiak@ifispan.edu.pl

Artur Kościański: artur.koscianski@ifispan.edu.pl